About Us

Advance MHE Services Pte Ltd incorporated on 1st January 2014 from our sole proprietor business (Advance MHE Services) since 17th May 2002. Our main business are forklifts for sale, forklift rental, services and repair in Singapore. Specialising in brands include Toyota, Mitsubishi, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Nissan and BT.

WE also have a department that provides spray painting works for the equipment.


List of latest new products and used forklifts with specification.


Every month we will have promotion for forklift for sale or forklift rental/ reachtruck & stacker. Please go into our promotion page to find out.


Advance MHE Services offers new and used forklift for sale and forklift rental in Singapore. We also provide services & repair for forklifts. Call us at 6862-9186 for more info.


Our main business are sales, rental, services and repair of forklifts for Toyota, Mistubishi, and other leading brands.

Products we offer
Everyone wishes safe operation for the operator. Toyota, known around the world for the way it applies technology to support operation, is striving to provide superb solutions that make this wish come true. Advanced electronic technology gives the 7FBR good response for braking, traction control and stability.


Toyota 1.5 ton battery reachtruck at S$6999.00

Service and Repair

We provide re-painting of all equipment

Solid rubber and polyurethanes tires for forklifts, reachtruck & stacker available in all sizes inclusive of non-marking.

Repair and service all forklifts/ reachtruck/ stacker with parts

Contact Us

  • 6862 9186 (Office)
  • 9641 8108 (James)
  • sales@advancemhe.com.sg
  • 9173 4793 (Terence)
  • terencepoh@advancemhe.com.sg
  • 48 Toh Guan Road East
    #03-114 Enterprise Hub
    Singapore 608586